I really hate rude people
I hate rude people! Today I was heading out to my car after work and this man parked next to me decides what fun it would be to slam his car door into the side of mine! Heh, obviosuly this pissed me off. I went up and checked my car, and told him he dinged my car on purpose and thats just extremely rude and he owed me an apology. Heh, he said like you've never done it, and no I haven't which I told him, and that some of us respect other people's property. He then said fuck it, its just a crappy cavalier and almost ran over me getting away. Soooooo if anyone sees a red porsche with an old man driving with a SC liscense plate that sayd 18GREEN, have no mercy! I know if I see his car anywhere.....anyway...quiz time!


Which Diablo character are you?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You are a psycho! Why would you
kill someone? Because you're a psycho, that's
why. You find fun in torturing others, although
you wouldn't call it torturing. You probably
have your own special name for it. You have a
strange sense of humor, and people might
consider you "different." If you're
not an assassin already, you most likely hurt
animals or lizards. This is a bad sign. I hope
you get mental help before we see your face on
America's DEFINITELY Most Wanted.

WHY Would You KILL Someone?

Decent News
So I've found out I will be getting a weekly bonus for every week that I'm forced to work alone there. So overtime and $100 bonus while they work me to death....good deal I mean its better than nothing, right? And right now I'm feeling rather queasy and a bit dizzy so I hope I won't come down with a bug, gonna head to sleep now though, love to you all!

Your a Magical Angel!Out of all the angels, you are
the one most afflicted with magic. You can do
many enchantments as well as sorcery. You cant
do black magic, because even though your not so
"pure" your still an angel. A very
kind and curious one at that. Magical Angels
are always very easy-going with humans, but
intrestingly enough, like to expirement with
them with their spells.

What Kind of ANGEL are you?!

Yay! I am home! Really tired, and worn out and stuff so going to go back to sleep but I wanted to say I'm home! No more hotel, no more eating out for 3 meals a day, whoo! But for goddess' sake if one more fucking person annoys me with superbowl this, superbowl that I am going to fucking kill them.

Here are a couple of funky quizzes for me! Hehe, I actually am a capricorn as witnessed by today being my birthday (and yes Lori you did remember!) But hmm as for red riding hood...dunno bout that one! And ugh way to go bosses on waking me up! If one more person wakes me up I swear I'm gonna cry!


Your Sex Sign is Capricorn!

You may have had a late start to sex, but that doesn't mean you do it like a newbie.

You seem outwardly conservative to some, but you are incredible in bed!

You don't sleep around. Or kiss and tell.

Capricorn, you seem cool, collected, and complex - but underneath it all you are a sizzling sexpot.

You are a complete challenge for anyone.

Your aloofness is a dare, and your stunning good looks are a powerful attractor.

You consider power to be a total turn on.

You are attracted to powerful people and the things they give you.

No short-term love affairs for you.

You like security, and you don't consider yourself cheap.

Capricorns are usually late sexual bloomers.

They are positively stunning when they hit their late twenties.

It's difficult to know just how old you are.

Everyone tries to guess - and everyone gets it wrong.

Though your attitudes toward sex are outwardly conservative, you are the most satisfying sex partner anyone's ever had.

And you never kiss and tell!

You are very concerned that pleasure be shared.

Your favorite foreplay activity is 69, and during sex you like to be on top.

What's *Your* Sex Sign?

little red riding hood

You Get Off on Little Red Riding Hood!

Red is nature's way of saying "danger," but we all know how fun danger can be.

Sure, redheads are feisty, but riding a big burly lumberjack while wearing a hood?

Pretty kinky stuff.

Especially when the Big Bad Wolf shows up dressed as Granny and wants to join in...

What Fairy Tale Gets *You* Off?

Its a vampire...no its a werewolf....no what the fuck is that?
Ugh, can't seem to concentrate on anything! Need to head to sleep, but I'm waiting up for my own sucky ass birthday....not that it matters no one really cares anyhow. Just kinda something I've always done...Yeh, I know I'm weird like that. Oh and cute little generator thing I got from oceanicseraph's LJ. Great coz I just watched Underworld, so rawr I am like vampire! Hehe!

Your Love Situation by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Rough
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a vampire, very seductive
Your Partner Is...Your everything
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are their favorite person
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."You deserve a bed of roses"
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

To The Pain....
Well this morning I woke up and felt incredible, back to normal almost for the first time in I can't even remember how long. I even felt up to getting some of those stalls done that Helen asked me to. Was nice to feel slightly constructive again, but then I remembered I had to go put my expense check in the bank (the one for the money I put out over a month ago on that last business trip finally got here) and so I went to go put it in, and stop and pick up some stuff like shampoo and a gift I need to send off for my birthday. Yeh, I know I'm sending out a gift for my birthday to someone else....I'm just weird like that. But anyhow, I'm browsing through the haircare section at Wal-Mart when this wave of pain overtakes me and I nearly pass out. In fact its so noticable that the lady working at the other end of the aisle came rushing up asking me if I needed her help to those benches over by the pharmacy. I did go sit down for a minute because the pain was soon followed by a bout of nausea and breathlessness. I soon went and checked out and drove home very carefully, and put paid to my ideas of actually going to get my laundry done, as well as anymore work finished today. I feel so fucking useless when im crippled by this pain, everything just swims before my eyes and I can't make heads or tails of anything written, or even really detailed pictures. And honestly if the pain doesn't stop somehow soon, I'm not sure I'm going to hold onto any sanity that I may have in reserve. If the pain wasn't in my head I'd be ok, but I can't even think, I can't stand light or heat or sound, and where the hell can I go that I don't run into any of that? I can't even sit in my room because its like an oven up here, and I can hear the TV from downstairs all the way up here. Sigh, but on another note, Gabe is home, well back at school anyway. Has the excuse that the screen on his phone died so thats why he didn't call me like he'd promised to. Also mentioned something about being in traction for a week? I was too busy, dealing with pain in my head to notice at first and when I went to ask about that he signed off, logged off, got booted or something at that time. I wasn't purposely not paying attention to him although it prolly seems like I don't give a damn...but heh I've been in enough pain myself, that is continuing he should understand. And unfortunately I haven't heard from him since, for all I know hes changed his SN yet again and has no plans to tell me at all this time. I dunno I just really need to talk to him about some stuff, it would be nice, oh well. Heh, also Colin like fucked himself up in a bad way, needs surgery and all that shit. Just wait boyo until that happens, it'll be my turn to wake YOU up, hehehe! And lastly for tonite, thanks for the cd Ken, its really stellar now that I listened to the whole thing, very cool and many sincere thanks!

Death becomes her....
I feel so horrible. I'm just gonna take the rest of everything the doc gave me before, I decided I really don't want to to go to the ER and wait forever to be quacked, but if I'm not better tomorrow I'll go back to that doctor I saw last week. Going to sleep now, talk to you later!

Protector Fairy

Which Fairy are you?

Fun Quizness Time Again! Yay!
Got this quiz in my mailbox, figured why not post it here, since I do it with so many others. Lol!

Name Four Things You Waste Money On:
1. movies
2. books
3. cds
4. friends

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. im a bitch
2. im too picky
3. im scatterbrained
4. i tend to come off arrogant

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had:
1. money
2. a place of my own
3. a life
4. hmm a porsche

Name Four Scents You Love:
1. sandalwood
2. patchouli
3. estee
4. money

Name Four People That Know You the Best:
1. gaby
2. gabe

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:
1. anything my mother picked out
2. thongs, ick
3. anything orange or yellow
4. curtains as a dress

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. gaby should come visit
2. i'm tired i should sleep some more
3. i need another corset
4. theres so nothing on tv

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1. worked
2. slept
3. read
4. driven

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1. presents
2. presents
3. have i mentioned presents?
4. a case of coke

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1. coke
2. coffee
3. oj

Name Four Famous People You Want To Meet:(theres only one reason id wanna meet any of them...hehe my current yum list -- subject to change at any time)
1. david boreanaz
2. colin farrell
3. stuart townsend
4. orlando bloom

Name Four Things You Dream About:
1. death
2. pain
3. destruction
4. snow

First Grade Teacher's Name? Umm I didn't go to first grade...

Last Words You Said: "Ow!"

Last Song You Sang? Matchbox 20 - Disease

Last Person You Hugged? IRL - Lorraine, on IMs - Ken.

Last Thing You Laughed At? Gaby, and her kooky pictures!

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It? I always mean it.

Last Time You Cried? Every day lately.

What's In Your CD Player? A burned CD of Gaby and her band, Buffy Soundtrack, Godsmack, Dagda, and 311. Yeh its a 5 disc changer.

What Color Socks Are You Wearing? Black.

What's Under Your Bed? My cat right now.

What Time Did You Wake Up Today? Too fucking early.

Current Taste? Dark.

Current Hair? Very long, wavy, dark red.

Current Clothes? Running shorts and a camisole.

Current Annoyance? My birthday is approaching.

Current Longing? Mmm a margarita would be nice.

Current Desktop Picture? Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack and Sally!

Current Worry? Getting better.

Current Hate? Heh, he knows who he is, I'd imagine.

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? Is this censored....

Favorite Place To Be? Anywhere but here!

Least Favorite Place? Here!

Time You Wake Up In The Morning? 6:30-7:00 AM

If You Could Play An Instrument? Guitar.

Favorite Color? Ermm dark red, purple, black.

Do You Believe In An Afterlife? I believe in reincarnation.

How Tall Are You? 5'5''

Favorite Season? The one where theres lots of dark.

Favorite Day? My day off!

Where Would You Like To Go? I'd like to return to New Orleans.

How Many Kids Do You Want? None

Favorite Car? Anything PORSCHE

A Random Lyric: heh you asked for it, i have tons of them rambling around in my head!
"desperate for feeling what can never be
empty hearts and loneliness burning deep inside of me
dying to be free again but lost down in between
the broken streams of melodies shattering into screams

(of) melancholic misery ringing in the twilight powers
confusion raging in my mind leaving me lost for hours
dancing through my fleshless skull betraying all i know
so im just gonna walk away but theres nowhere left to go"

Lulu from Final Fantasy 10

What Female Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Why me?
So there's this wench I met through work. Very loopy one too, heh she married this guy that one of my friends used to date way back in the day. Now this guy is a total loser, drug addict, broke, broke-down old ass loser with no car, no job, and no brain cells left. She knew who I was coz Fran had pictures of a party that Tina (his ex-girlfriend - now married with a husband who wont let her speak to me) Carolina(my ex-roommate...ya know the whore one) and I threw at Halloween one year. So ever since then, every time shes come in shes acted like my best friend. Well now shes wised up and is leaving Fran, yay for her! And is moving up to Virginia, so she came in today and practically guilted me into saying I would go out to a club or something with her tonite. Its her last weekend here, and she wants to thank me for being so nice to her and all that rot. Well, a thank you is plenty, I'm not really feeling good, still have that horrible feeling of dread and shit, and I don't know yet if anyone has had thier close call or accident or what have you. In fact I'd say not since the feeling is still there. I'll go though but I'll ask if I can come home early, since I really am not feeling too well. Pretty much thats all there is to talk about. I'll be sure to update later about what went on tonite, but for now I'm gonna split and shower and beautify my hideous haggishness now, hehe!

Fun Drunk.
"Hey.. I got an ideaaa!!! Let's plaay striip
You are the life of the party and certainly have
fun. You are quick and witty, or at least
humorous when you are inebriated. Everyone's
favorite kind of drunk!

What Kind of Drunk are You?

Ergh, I have one of my horrible feelings of dread. Dunno who is gonna get hurt or sick or whatever, but everyone please be careful, I know I will be for the next 24 hours or so. Can't really think to write, so I'll update more later!

As if you were born into a world of tears, you
always tend to look at the darker things in
life. Inside you crave attention yet push away
society, and you're a hopeless romantic. Drawn
to things like the occult and mysteries, you
spend your time daydreaming of

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?


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